Scally's Golf and Training Center | Golf Moon Township

DRIVING RANGE: 412-264-9940

GOLF COURSE & SNACK BAR: 412-264-9647

 BIRTHDAY PARTIES: 412-398-5275

Hours of operation

Near Pittsburgh International Airport

It doesn't mean a thing, if you don't have that swing.

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Golf pitch


  • 9 holes ranging from 65 to 210 yards in length

  • $8.50 per person for 9 holes

  • Club rental $2.00

  • Pull cart rental $1.00

  • Riding carts - $8.00 per cart for 9 holes (must be 25 years or older and present a valid driver's license)

Call for membership information!






For a $50 fee, you'll get a membership card that entitles you to half price on all of our golf courses all year round. Add other family members for only $25 each!

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Course Features

One of the most challenging and fun par 3 courses you'll ever play!

Golf  experts agree that 65% of your game is inside of 125 yards. This course is designed to test your skills in this aspect of your game. Even our local golf pros have a difficult  time scoring well here. That being said, playing this course regularly can help lower your score on any regulation 18-hole course----and you'll enjoy the challenge!