Scally's Golf and Training Center | Golf Moon Township

DRIVING RANGE: 412-264-9940

GOLF COURSE & SNACK BAR: 412-264-9647

 BIRTHDAY PARTIES: 412-398-5275

Hours of operation

Near Pittsburgh International Airport

It doesn't mean a thing, if you don't have that swing.

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  • Private lessons by appointment only

  • Instructors available 7 days a week

  • Clubs provided if needed

  • A series of at least 5 lessons is recommended for beginners


Our instructors are: Chuck Scally Jr.

Phil Scally Jr.

Jerry Stone

Jill Finlan-Scally





Lessons with Video

    *** Video option available at no extra charge with one-hour lesson ***


    Award-winning Swing Profile video analysis and Swingbyte

    advanced analytics are used to analyze these critical aspects of your



  • Clubhead speed and acceleration

  • Clubface angle

  • Angle of attack and club path

  • Static and dynamic loft

  • Swing tempo


    Includes optional email with video and data

    ** Ask for video option when scheduling **

Lessons with Chuck Scally or Jill Finlan-Scally

One-hour adult lesson

One-hour lesson-Age 15 & under

Half-hour lesson - Age 12 & under

9-hole playing lesson at Scallys

9-hole playing lesson - offsite


Adult Lesson Packages

5 One-hour lessons (Save $75)

10 One-hour lessons (Save $200)


Junior Lesson Packages

5 Half-hour lessons - Age 12 & under (save $25)

5 One-hour lessons - Age 15 & under (Save $25)


(Please call 412-329-8373 with any questions regarding lessons with Chuck or Jill)



Lessons with Phil Scally or Jerry Stone

Half-hour adult lesson

One-hour adult lesson

Age 15 & under - One-hour lesson

Age 8 - 15 - Half-hour lesson

Age 7 & under - Half-hour lesson

One-hour playing lesson

(Playing lessons offered Monday thru Friday 9AM-4PM)


Adult Lesson Packages

5 Half-hour lessons (Save $25)

5 One-hour lessons (Save $50)

10 One-hour lessons (Save $225)




Instructors Chuck Scally, Jill Finlan-Scally & Phil Scally offer a series of classes for adults and junior golfers throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Please check the links below for the latest information

Classes by our instructors

Chuck Scally & Jill Finlan-Scally - 2018 Spring/Summer Classes and Camps-To Be Announced!


Phil Scally & Ron Lucas - 2018 Spring Junior Golf Series

CCAC Classes

The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) conducts classes using our facility and instructors. These classes meet one night per week for 6 weeks. 3 sessions- spring, summer and fall are offered each season.


2018 Spring CCAC class schedule

Small groups

Do you have family, friends or co-workers that would like to take lessons together? Call us at 412-264-9940 and we will have one of our instructors get back to you with scheduling and pricing information.








$295 plus green fees







Junior Lesson Packages

Age 7 & under - 5 half-hour lessons (Save $25)

Age 8-15 - 5 Half-hour lessons (Save $25)






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Scally's is privileged to have been selected as one of the sites for the nationally-recognized Nike Golf Camp. This camp meets at our Driving Range for 5 half-day sessions. The program is taught and directed by PGA Golf Professional Chuck Scally.

Nike Junior Golf Camp